Everything fit to write... Fulfills Civic Duty: Serves Meals to Homeless

As a way to fulfill their civic duties and to give back to the community, staff and other companies such as BBC, Pepsi, Coca Cola, BBK insurance and Vacuum Sealer Land, as well as our internal crew held a Feeding Caravan program to help out some of our brothers and sisters in need. The […]

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Retro Movies Are Coming Back

In recent years, there haven’t been so many movies with retro looks and feels. Most movies made recently are of the futuristic theme. Most of these movies dwell on the plot of alien invasion and how humans attempt to thwart them by all means imaginable. These high-tech, digitally manipulated films are a dime a dozen […]

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Movie Date Night Specials

We are having a promotion for this month, which allows you to watch all the movies you want for a whole night, for free. What? Are you serious? I hear people asking me incredulously when they find out about my idea. Yes, it’s true. There is no catch. I just want to share my favorite […]

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