This website is a labor of love for a movie and television fanatic, Marius Guy, who wanted to share his passion with others like him. In the beginning it was merely a hobby for him, but later on he realized that he could use this to his advantage. So he thought up of a plan to organize his collection of movies and TV programs which he loved to collect and turn it into a profitable business.

At first, only a few people liked what he has done, more like his friends and peers, and of course his family. But eventually, by word of mouth, or more like through social media, his popularity began to rise. As a part-time motor trader, Marius decided it would be best to give away free copies of his flicks to everybody who bought a car from him. Armed with cheap motor trade insurance from One Sure (https://www.onesureinsurance.co.uk/motor-trade-insurance), he built his business while growing his movie business without any revenue. From just a few hundred followers in the first six months, his fan base grew to a staggering 30,000 in just over three months. This includes around 300 unique new visitors each day. such is his success that he was featured as a promising entrepreneur by Forbes Magazine.

With the help of a friend who happens to be a web developer, Guy maintains a database of over 50,00 unique titles, from classic movies to long-running TV series, from concerts to exclusive documentaries, you are sure to find it in his impressive, most complete and comprehensive database. His highest number of downloads in a day has reached 90,000 and he expects to reach 100,000 in the coming months.

To make things interesting, Guy creates promotions and giveaways to keep his viewers interested – such as him giving away a food processor in 2015 – and always wanting to check out his content regularly. “The secret to sustaining a service such as huntermoore.tv is to always have fresh content every time. This assures me that people won’t lose interest in what I’m offering them and let them have something to look out for,” opines Guy.